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The following (below) are links to articles written by this site. Each article provides a more in-depth understanding of the business concept with an overview and context of how it applies in the business world. Many of them seem intuitive, but some can be more complex and being able to associate a particular concenpt with how it applies in the business world can help draw relationships and identify potential opportunities that exist in your industry.

Foreign Trade Zone Analysis

Company Marketing Plan

SWOT Analysis

Barriers to Market Entry

Business Entities

Identifying Customer Characteristics

Porters 5 Forces

Creating a Marketing Survey or Research Questionnaire

Elasticity of Demand

Product Life Cycle

Pricing Strategies

Illegal and Unethical Pricing Strategies

Pricing Tactices

Ethics Theories

Letter of Intent

Business Plan Books and Resources


Types of Leadership Power

Leadership Styles

Demings 14 Points

Dimensions of Service Quality

Emotional Intelligence

Affiliate Marketing

Business Debt

Sample Tenant Rental Application

Barriers to Market Entry

Business Ethics

Reward Power

Coercive Power

Legitimate Power

Expert Power

Referent Power

Certifying Women Owned Business

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Sample Business Plan

Sample Business Plan. We provide quick reference, easy to understand steps for writing a solid business plan.  We explain each area of the business plan outline in detail, and provide samples. Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions regarding your business plan development.